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Drive your business forward with personalized IT solutions that help you achieve your goals and objectives.

IT Strategy

We help you develop and implement IT strategies that drive innovation and support your business objectives.

Website Design

We create unique and customizable website designs that reflect your brand's identity and values.

Website Development

We use the latest technologies to deliver customized websites that reflect your business needs and objectives.

Tech Assesments

Our expert team provides personalized recommendations on the best tools and providers to meet your needs.

Custom Solutions

We create customized technology solutions that solve your business challenges, ensuring long-term success.

Help & Support

Get peace of mind with our Help & Support service, available to assist you with any IT-related issues.


Discover how we help small and medium organizations achieve their goals with our expertise in IT Consulting and Web Services

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Trusted by Non-profits, Philanthropies, and Recruitment Firms: Our Customers

"Most Professional Support!"

Thanks to Noah’s valuable support, we have been able to build the IT infrastructure of our company swiftly and professionally. Working with him has provided us with a real partnership for the longer run – coming with a wealth of expertise and practical support to get things efficiently done.
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Sabina Vigani and Olaf Hahn
Co-CEOs of Catalytica Consulting

Founder's Message

Learn more about the passion and values that fuel Web Services Outsourcing through CEO Noah Delophont's founder's message.
Noah Delophont - CEO of Web Services Outsourcing

Noah Delophont

Founder & CEO

Web Services Outsourcing offers IT consulting services to small and medium-sized organizations throughout Europe. Many organisations lack the necessary knowledge or skills to effectively capitalise on the opportunities presented by technology. I've made it my mission to assist them in taking advantage of these chances.
Our mission is to democratise access to IT tools and resources for all organisations, regardless of their size. Cutting-edge technology isn't just for the biggest names in industry.
Since then, I have made the strategic decision to specialise in the recruitment and philanthropic sectors. These industries align with our company's core values, which prioritise a steadfast commitment to ethics and integrity. I have consistently made sure that my effort would have a positive impact on society. Both of these industries possess the capacity to effectuate substantial transformation and tackle crucial societal issues.
I am happy to have started Web Services Outsourcing and to be working towards my vision of a world where technology can serve everyone.

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